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2014 On-sale pyrolysis plant on the global market
  Today, there are 2nd generation, 4th generation, 5th generation and 6th generation pyrolysis plant on sale in the global market. As a foreign purchaser, do you know pyrolysis plant very well?
  In fact, the 2nd generation pyrolysis plant was born in 1997, since it has many defects in feeding system and cooling system, huayin company stopped production this machine in 2000. But now the 2nd generation machine is still sold by many Shangqiu manufacturers.
  The 4th generation pyrolysis equipment is the upgrade and consolidation of all products before. It has great improvement in cooling and condensing system. Due to its mature technology, low price and longer service life, it has been installed in many countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.
  The 5th generation pyrolysis machine is a new innovation in Huayin history. Better cooling system, more environmental friendly discharging device and strong durability makes it welcomed in many European countries.
  The 6th generation waste tyre plastic pyrolysis machine in 2014 is a milestone in the development history of pyrolysis plant field. It thoroughly overturned the previous design. Zero emission, strengthened condensing system and 100% safety guarantee will creates more wealth for worldwide clients.

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