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Huayin company offers a wide range of waste tire pyrolysis plant products which are extensively used for recycling waste rubber, waste tyres and waste plastic. Today as north-America has developed rapidly and leapfrogged among world top countries in plastic and tyre fields. The annual tire output amount is very high, which has given a serious environmental pollution. How to deal with so many waste tyres in our daily life? Huayin waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant Products help you turn all these wastes into energy.

High-quality device of huayin waste tire pyrolysis plant

  Using 245R、boiler plate 、the thickness is 12mm,the length is 1000mm, welding for three time at the junction and reinforcing . Guarantee the quality and bigger bearing capacity. Besides our steel adopt the high-grade model:Q345R,more durable and more safety .
Oil and water separator
  This is a safety device.
  First,it can separate the oil and water,cause all we know oil is lighter than water. can avoid the tail gas come back to the reactor.If the gas come back to the reactor,it will be very dangerous,it’s the reason of explosion.
  When the tail gas come back to the reactor,when you discharge the carbon,the oxygen also will come into,if the temperature is also very high,OK,the accident happened.
  But if there is a separator,the tail gas will never come back to the reactor.
Vacuum System
  This is patent,this is designed by our boss,
  Also our engineer,
  A safe deivce,principle is very simple,
  Use the moter and water pump
  Keep the water rotating at a high speed,
  Keep there is a vacuum,
  Then can suck all the gas from reactor,before 100 degree,
  Can suck all the steam,there will be no water in the oil.
  And also if all the gas is sucked to the back,inside the reactor pressure will be negative,more safe.
  Also the pyrolysis tempreture will be lower,can save energy.

Details of products

Reactor material Q345R, SS310, 310S+Q345
Accessories material Q235B
Reactor size D2800*L6600 mm
Thickness of the reactor 16mm, 18mm
Voltage 380V
Weight 35 ton
Power 24Kw
Worker needed 4
Land needed Width 10 meters, Length 30-40 meters
Average oil yield 48%
Density of oil 0.89
Combustion value 17.008BTU/Ib

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  Huayin Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant Products are equipped with best quality raw material to ensure our machine service life and improve oil productivity. So if you want to make money, please contact us.We will serve you for anytime.

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