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Difference between continuous pyrolysis plant and batch type pyrolysis plant

       Huayin company began to manufacture waste tyre plastic pyrolysis plant since 1993. We mastered mature pyrolysis technology on manufacturing batch type pyrolysis machine for 20 years. Our machine have been exported and installed in many foreign countries like Italy, Romania, Thailand, Russia, Lebanon, Pakistan and India, etc. In China, the continuous type pyrolysis plant is not a good choice right now. Some Chinese manufacturers say that they can manufacture continuous machine, in fact, it is not real continuous working, the technology is not mature in China now. The advanced continuous pyrolysis technology exists in Germany and Japan, but the cost is so high that you can not earn any benefit from this project.
  Here I must to say that the best choice is batch type pyrolysis plant, the latest technology of pyrolysis plant is hold by us, the popular pyrolysis plant in the market is invented by us. If you know this field well you may know HUAYIN BRAND.  We welcome strategic friends join us and work together for a promising career.

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