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Best quality pyrolysis fuel oil recycling waste to energy equipment

Pyrolysis fuel oil plant:

    Along with the world economy progressing in rencent years, the petroleum scarce tendency has grown day by day, whem it enters into the 90's, the energy has become the primary factor that restricts many countries economy development. As the research speaking, the petroleum on global land will be exhausted within 50 years. Seeking the new energy has become the various countries’ matter of concern. So set up a factory in each town, which could extract black carbon and tire oil from 65-million scrap tire and it is easy to find the raw material. Our final aim to is making a green society. Let's see huayin waste tyre/plastic and rubber pyrolysis fuel oil plant.


Quick questions and answers about tire to oil pyrolysis plant:

1. What's the input raw materials?    
Plastic bags, plastic cable, rubber cable, leftovers of paper, house garbage. All of them are available.
2. What's the final products?    
Crude oil, carbon black, steel wire and flammable gas.
3. How many workers needed for this tire to oil pyrolysis plant?    
Our machine are fully automatic, usually 4 workers are enough.
4. How to process carbon black?    
Make carbon black to briquette which has 4000-5000 kilocalories.
5. How to process the waste gas/pyrolysis gas inside the reactor?    
We have special system to recycling the waste gas into fair furnace for burning.
6. Can we see real running plant in your factory?    
Yes, you can come to our big running plant factory, we have demo plant for you visiting.
7. How can we install the machine?    
We will arrande one of our experienced high grade engineer to come to your place guiding you install the machine.


waste tire to oil pyrolysis plant, also available for waste plastic and rubber. 
Export to India, Pakistan, Turkey , etc.    
material :PE ,PP , PS , ABS.

pyrolysis oil


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