Technical Parameters of Distillation Machine

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Raw Material Waste engine oil, waste motor oil, tire/plastic pyrolysis oil, heavy fuel oil
Structure Form Horizontal
Model HY-3ton HY-5ton HY-8ton HY-10ton  HY-15ton 
Size of Reactor D1500mm*L3000mm D2000mm*L5000mm D2200mm*L5000mm D2400*L6000
D2600*L6000 mm
Operating Pressure Constant Pressure
Heating Material Coal, Charcoal, Fuel gas, Fuel oil, Electricity
Average Oil Yield 90%
Final Oil Product  90% good clean oil (diesel and gasoline), the rest 10% is slag and waste gas
Material of Reactor Q345R boiler plate
Thickness of Reactor 16mm or 18mm ( according to customer requirement)
Mode of Cooling Circulating Water cooling
Power in total  21 Kw
Labor Required   2-4 workers 
Space Needed   Length 30 meters width 10 meters at most 
Life  5-6 years

pyrolysis oil


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