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The Latest launched waste oil and crude oil distillation equipment with high-profit

Refining Equipment

 In current days, oil energy is very important in human’s life . As we all know oil energy is the blood of the national economy. However, with the world economy rapidly development, energy crisis becomes more and more serious. Looking for new energy way has been on the agenda in many countries. Here, huayin company will introduce you the used motor engine oil recycled to convert into diesel and gasoline with waste oil and crude oil distillation equipment.

The process of waste oil and crude oil refining equipment

  Feed liquid crude oil- heating – catalytic cracking – fractionation – cooling liquid – decompression – flammable gas recovery – flammable gas combustion – desulfurization

The profit of crude oil refining

  Notes:2-3 tons per day refining crude oil requires two people, a ton of crude oil
  Refining loss of no more than 8% ,calculated in accordance with 8%
  Purification of a ton of crude oil cost:(1÷92%) ×4000=4348RMB
  Coal costs: 0.2T×800RMB/T=160RMB
  Cost of electricity:36RMB
  Labors costs:50RMB
  Catalyst cost:40RMB
  Crude oil market price :40 RMB
  Refining one ton of crude oil profits: 5100-4348-160-36-50-40=466RMB

Why choose huayin waste oil and crude oil refining equipment

  1. Experience of 20 years and install more than 500 sets of pyrolysis plants last year around the world.
  2. Domestic industry pioneer and leader in manufacturing, supplying and installing distillation pyrolysis plants all around the world.
  3. 10ton per day input capacity continuous tire and plastic pyrolysis plants.
  4. ISO9001:2000 and seven pyrolysis technology patents.
  5. Zero environmental pollution working process and use of green technology to save energy.
  6. Highest quality of pyrolysis oil comparable to standard diesel nad gasoline: sell directly or put into car engine.
  7. Security: No charcoal leakage, no smell, no hazardous emission, no health hazards to workers
  8. Timely delivery of pyrolysis plants and quick professional instillation under our technicians guidance.

Other information

  Minimom order :1 set
  Supply ability:30 set/sets per month
  Payment terms :L/C,T/T
  Delivery : 15days after receiving advance payment
  Place of origin :henan,china(mainland)

pyrolysis oil


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