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High profit waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant
XinXinag Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment CO., Ltd is leading supplier of the industry to provide waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant, we have 20 years experience in this project. Provided in various specifications to cater to the diverse customer demands.

Six sizes of waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant
(diameter*length) (mm)
Boiler plate Q245R/Q345R/S310
Thickness 16/18mm
Condensers Vertical condenser
Horizontal condenser
Product series 4th generation
5th generation
Slagging system Bucket elevator
Carbon black vacuum
Total weight 30-35T
Total power 19kw
Space needed 150m2
Labor needed 4 workers

1, function of the plant: convert waste into fuel and energy.

2,raw material: waste tire, plastic, rubber etc.

3,final products: fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and exhaust gas.

Project flow chart:

1, Waste plastics recycling flow: automatic feed → catalytic cracking→
oil-water separation → cooling liquid → crude oil → fuel gas recovery →fuel gas combustion → dust removal
2, Waste tires recycling flow: automatic feed → catalytic cracking → oil-water separation → cooling liquid → carbon black emission → carbon black processing → crude oil → flammable gas recovery → flammable gas combustion → dust removal

Working process:

Firstly, make reactor rotate clockwise 0.4r/min, put raw material into reactor, close feeding door.
secondly, burned the fuel material(coal,or wood,or natural gas ,oil ) in the furnace. Reactor will be slowly heated, when the temperature reach around 180 ℃, oil gas will come out .then go to cooling system and liquid to oil.Some incondensable gas which can't cooling down will be lead to furnace through a gas pipe. It will be used to heat reactor.This can save your energy. Only the first 2 hours use energy for heating. After the first 2 hours mainly use gas, little energy is OK. After pyrolysis, all the oil gas come out from reactor, the temperature will fall down. Then make it rotate anticlockwise, carbon black discharging begin.
Lastly,when the temperature deduce to 50 ℃, worker can opened the door of reactor take steel wire out.
Then you can start the next batch.

Profit analysis:

Waste engine oil current market price :3000 Yuan/T
Finished engine oil wholesale price: 8000 Yuan/T
Let’s take the machine( 10 Ton used tire oil distillation machine daily ) as an example (95% waste oil yielding)
It will make 10t/day ×0.95=9.5t finished engine oil per day.
(1) Earnings/ day: 9.5 T×8,000 Yuan/T =86,000 Yuan/day
(2) Cost/day: cost of raw materials:10 T×3,000 Yuan/T=30,000 Yuan/day
1.Workers' wages:2 people ×100 Yuan/people/day=200 Yuan/day
2.Catalyst:10 t×50 t/day=500 Yuan/day
3.Other chemicals:10t×10 Yuan/t=100 Yuan/day
4. Additional fees: about 150 Yuan/day
5.Miscellaneous fees:100 Yuan/day
Daily cost=30,000+200+500+100+150+100=31,050 Yuan
Daily profits=86,000-31,050=54,950 Yuan/day
Monthly profits=54,950×24 days =1,318,800 Yuan (According to the national legal working days)
Yearly profits=1,318,800×12 months=15,825,600 Yuan= 15,825,600 × 6.1=USD 96.53616 million

pyrolysis oil


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