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Does waste rubber tyre recycling to oil machine business profitable?
Many people feel confused at the first time they know waste rubber recycling to oil machine business, obviously, everyone wants to gain considerable profits from his business. I have a customers with many years experience of waste rubber recycling to oil business, he shared me his feeling as following:
I am working in waste rubber recycling to oil business for many years, between the spring of 2003 and the outbreak of the financial crisis of 2008, this period is the better efficiency time, at that time, the international oil price has been rising, domestic oil price reduction. Waste rubber to oil business is very easy to process. Now we are all in the crisis, oil price will be up until the next financial crisis. The oil price could not drop significantly in this period, no country will sell their "black gold" in a cheaper price. While, before you set mind to do this project, each investor should consider their own conditions carefully. First, whether you have rich raw material, here I mean scrap rubber tyre. Second, whether it suits to invest at you location or not. Third, whether your oil have sales market. If all the answers are right, waste rubber recycling to oil machine will be a wise invest for you.

OK, as you know the basic understanding of waste rubber recycling to oil machine, now i would like to share some customer feedbacks about their machine profit analysis in local markets, all the numbers are true.


First, waste rubber recycling to oil machine in peru market:

Let's see the cost per day: take 10 ton waste rubber per day as an example:
Item Quantity(ton) Unit price(USD) Total
Tyre 10 240 2400
Coal 0.4 25 10
Electric 15kw*20hours=300kw 0.2 60
Salary for workers 5 Persons  5USD/Person 25
Total 2400+10+60+25=2496USD
Then the profit:
Item Quantity Unite price(USD) Total
Crude oil 10ton*45%=4.5ton 625 2812
Carbon black 10ton*30%=3ton 20 60
Steel wire 10ton*15%=1.5ton 350 525
Total 2812+525+60=3397USD
Now the gross profit: 3397-2496=901USD(per batch)
Every month, our machine can working and process 30 batches, the profit will be 27030USD. You can calculate it, you will become a rich man soon.

Let's see another example in Mexico market, the waste tyre is very cheap here:

Item  Quantity Unit price (USD) Total (USD)
Used tire 10 ton 42 420
Fuel  Crude oil 0 0
Electric  300kw 0.2 60
Salary for worker 4 workers 61/day/person 244
Total cost 724
Then the profit:
Item  Quantity  Unit price (USD) Total (USD)
Crude oil 4.5 ton 550 2475
Carbon black 3 ton 20 60
Steel wire 1.5 ton 192 288
Total return 2823

Now the gross profit: 2823-724=2099USD(per batch)
How much wealth you will gain, I believe you know it.
OK, if you have any questions about waste rubber recycling to oil machine project, welcome to ask me and sincerely to serve you anytime!

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