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Is it possibel for waste tire recycling to diesel?
Waste tire recycling to diesel equipment is helpful to the environment.
With waste tires/tyres and plastic scrap zoom, the protection of our environment and the shortage of resources are increasingly both big problem for our land. Fortunately, science and technology are also growing at a rapid pace, the pyrolysis and distillation technology can help solve this situation to a certain extent. For example, waste tire recycling to diesel technology can not only relieve the tyre waste pollution but also create oil resources for society. 

Waste tire recycling to diesel preparation:

Dear friends, before you set up waste tire recycling to diesel, please prepare the following:
1. Raw material preparation:
We need have raw material such as waste tyre, waste plastic, and so on. Then sort the raw material such as impurities and so on. If the raw material is wet, dry the raw material before process it.

2. Market research about waste tire recycling to diesel:
Get the information about the price of the raw material such as waste tyre, waste plastic. Then we should know the price of pyrolysis oil and tyre diesel, the market of the pyrolysis oil and so on, and then you should know salary of labor, the price of electricity, and the price of fuel such as coal, natural gas and so on.

3. Install the plant in factory.
Find a site suitable to install the machine, and then install the machine in your factory. We need land at most 1000 square meters. You had better construct a road for the vehicle. Operate and test the pyrolysis machine in your factory if there is no problem with the machine then we can start generating pyrolysis oil.

Let's see how can we achieve the conversion from waste tire to diesel:

First, we need the pyrolysis machine, convert waste tire into pyrolysis fuel oil, this process need about 21 hours to recycling the machine, here we take the 10 ton capacity machine as an example: 2 hours for loading 10 tons waste tires, 4 hours for preheating the reactor, 12 hours for the tire become gas and cooling become oil, 1 hour for cooling the reactor, 1 hour for discharging the carbon black, 1 hours for removing the tires steel. The waste tire pyrolysis machine covering area: usually 400 square meters, 40meters length, 10meters width.
After the pyrolysis process, the oil you get is heavy oil, then if you want to recycle it into diesel, you need another two machine called: distillation maachine and deodorant device. With distillation machine, the tyre pyrolysis oil will become lighter, but the smell is bad, it also contains impurity, with the decoloring and deodorant equipment, the tyre oil will be light yellow color without pungent smell, in this process, the catalyst plays the most important role.
For all above three processing, the waste tires will be fully recycling to diesel which can be used in vehicles directly. You can use it in your own cars or sell it to the gas station with high market value.

Waste tire recycling to diesel, convert wastes to energy, create alternative resources and protect environment, come to join us!

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