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The defects of 3rd generation pyrolysis plant
  1. Low daily capacity. With the appearance of new technology, the 3rd generation pyrolysis plant can not meet market demands with low daily capacity.
  2. Short service life. The main components of pyrolysis plant is made of cast iron, because of the thermal expansion principle, the reactor service life is decreasing day by day.
  3. Low oil yield efficiency.
  The cooling system of 3rd generation pyrolysis plant is a big pool, only some pipes under water. The design is very simple, as for the colling tower, it is used to make the temperature in the pool lower. We know that the cooling effect directly related to the oil yield.
  4. Environment pollution and personal safety problems.
  Since the technology of 3rd generation pyrolysis plant is immature, we stopped produce this machine in 2004.

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