Tire pyrolysis plants equipment in Peru for renewable energy machine with high profits

Profitable old tires to oil pyrolysis equipment in Peru:

Many people heard tire to oil pyrolysis equipment in their lives and many of them want to have a try as this project is profitable. Waste tire to oil energy, this is a new green technology, on the one hand, it can solve the troublesome scrap tyre wastes, on the other hand, it can generates renewable energy, that is fuel oil. Since it has so many benefits, governments in many countries support people build tyre waste deposite factory, so tyre waste are free in many places. Well, before you set up tyre pyrolysis equipment, be sure your machine will not cause environmental pollution, otherwise you will be banned obviously. 

First, let's see a profit analysis in Peru tyre pyrolysis project:

Item Quantity(ton) Unit price(USD) Total
Tyre 10 240 2400
Coal 0.4 25 10
Electric 15kw*20hours=300kw 0.2 60
Salary for workers 5 Persons  5USD/Person 25
Total 2400+10+60+25=2496USD
Item Quantity Unite price(USD) Total
Crude oil 10ton*45%=4.5ton 625 2812
Carbon black 10ton*30%=3ton 20 60
Steel wire 10ton*15%=1.5ton 350 525
Total 2812+525+60=3397USD
Gross profit 3397-2496=901USD(per batch)

Note: the above data only calculates the oil profit without carbon black price, it means you can gain more.

Then, let's see the profit analysis in Mexico:

Item  Quantity Unit price (USD) Total (USD)
Used tire 10 ton 42 420
Fuel  Crude oil 0 0
Electric  300kw 0.2 60
Salary for worker 4 workers 61/day/person 244
Total cost 724
Item  Quantity  Unit price (USD) Total (USD)
Crude oil 4.5 ton 550 2475
Carbon black 3 ton 20 60
Steel wire 1.5 ton 192 288
Total return 2823
Gross profit  2099

Why choose Huayin tyre to oil pyrolysis equipment?

Components Huayin  Other manufacturer Why do this?
Slope inside reactor Yes No Easier to pull steel wire out
Oil outlet diameter 1000mm 600mm Sturdiness and durability
Gear material Cast steel  Cast iron High toughness
Reactor material Q345R+S310 Q245R Longer life
Reducer  Cast steel  Cast iron Strong durability
Welding technique seamless welding & carbon arc air gouging Seam welding Zero smell and oil leakage
Cooling system 3 steps cooling Vertical condenser High oil yield and quality
Carbon black discharge system Vacuum discharge Spiral discharge Safe and environmental-friendly

Huayin safety guarantee:

Safety is the most important factor during factory processing. We know that the tyre pyrolysis plant industry emerged in recent years with high profit and high risk. When the oil gas, oxygen and high temperature mixed together, there will be a disastrous explosion. So comprehensive safety device is the guarantee for normal operation of the enterprise. Let's see how huayin deal with safety aspects:
Huayin waste tyre to oil pyrolysis equipment has an oil-water separator and an anti-blow back device which contains water in it. They will stop the oil gas blowing back to the reactor. Because the oil gas passes through water and comes out as bubbles, so it will never blow back. Another advantages is that our machine can discharge carbon black and slagging automatically. There is a Slag discharge pool alongside the reactor, and the cover has water all around the edge. This pool connects with the furnace, so the oxygen inside it will be consumed and thus create a vacuum. It is impossible for the oxygen to go through the vacuum. Huayin reactor was manufactured to meet the exacting standards of pressure vessels. The materials of the our reactor are Q245R, Q345R and S310 boiler steel, these materials can bear high temperature with best resistance to prolong the service life.

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