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Waste plastic refining equipment, technology updates


    Waste plastic refining equipment, technology updates
    In the past, the imperfect technology of waste plastic refining equipment, poorly equipped, so secondary pollution, and lack of safety measures in their production process, there will be problems, can not be harmless treatment and resource processing of waste plastics. At that time, the incineration of waste plastics has become the first choice of incineration on human health, relatively safe, but easy to pollute the air, but also resources, a waste of resources. That occur after the method is made ??of plastic particles, although they would be recycled, but the whereabouts of the plastic particles are difficult to control, there is the hidden danger of harm to human health.
    The major trend in today's protection of the environment, people need to actively explore and invent a pollution-free processing of waste plastics, waste plastics oil refining equipment technology updates become inevitable.
    Update the technology of waste plastic refining equipment can waste plastics harmless treatment and resource handling, 100% of the waste plastic into gasoline, diesel, paraffin, carbon black, and liquefied petroleum gas, so that will not endanger human health, it will not cause secondary pollution. Will be harmless disposal of waste plastics, and resources, this is an ideal method to deal with waste plastic.
    The newer technologies of waste plastic refining equipment has novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability. Development of a breakthrough not only for traditional lysis methods, especially suitable for waste plastic pyrolysis oil of; Moreover, the waste plastic refining equipment and no secondary pollution for years of continuous production, as harmless waste plastic processing a strong technology and equipment to ensure.

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