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Waste plastic refinery equipment


    Waste plastic refinery equipment
    Waste plastic refinery equipment product brief1) each combined unit is composed of the following parts:
    A oil reaction pyrolysis system
    B condensation system
    C wood, steam separation system
    D exhaust gas treatment to burn system
    E efficient smoke purification treatment system
    F cooling water recycling system
    G central control system
    H automatic slag and air conveying device
    I feeding device
    J oil conditioning filtration and purification treatment system
    K crude carbon black processing system
    2) the first domestic:
    A waste plastic refinery equipment whole set device for the entire process of production is in the smokeless and dustless tasteless running in the environment, environmental protection effect is good.
    B electrical operation, the entire production process only needs 1 to 2 people )
    C efficiency of the gas heating system. In the refining process, when the heated gas reaches 150 DEG C, would produce a certain amount cannot be liquefied gas -- methane to butane. These gases in our specially designed gas nozzle after the full combustion, heat, save the energy greatly.
    D in the production process, the discharge of smoke and dust and exhaust gas, wastewater discharge in South Korea for nearly a year in try to South Korea 's Department of environmental protection environmental protection requirements.
    E a two catalytic pyrolysis after only a simple chemical and filtering can be used as a commercial fuel oil market and gasoline, diesel can be separated to respectively collect. (light component oil and the reorganization of oil )
    F waste plastic refinery equipment capable of processing solid, semi solid, liquid waste material.
    G waste plastic refinery equipment crude carbon black processing system

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