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tyre pyrolysis equipment


    Some European refineries have recently been sold to well-funded non-OECD countriesenterprises. OECD countries oil refining industry in the Asia-Pacific region is the samerecession. In 2014, Japanese refiners will be faced with either shutting down refineries,or the difficult choice of large-scale investment to upgrade existing equipment. Refinerycuts in Japan is expected to reach 60 million barrels / day. Refining production in the United States, there are some variables, the United States is transformed into a majorrefining the exporting country.
    Workers introduced, discarded tires into the kiln, after several hours of high-temperaturecooking, melting, and finally some of the heavier steel wire, and other impurities sink to the bottom, the lighter the oil floating on top. After cooling, these oil from the outlet flowout, and then pumped into the tank, it becomes containing a mixture of diesel and othervaluable things. The finished products are sold where the workers have indicated thatknowledge.
    On the 10th afternoon, the insider to buy oil in the name of the contact the boss Hemou ofthe the ancient Mongchon refining Square. Hemou Department of the local villagersheard that someone looking for oil, very warm. He said that the refining of scrap tires, theprice of 1400 yuan per ton, a good case, two tons of tires will be able to one ton of oilrefining. Oil prices as the market go high oil prices, they make more money. His workshop one day refining for more than two tons of oil, the current selling price of 4280 yuan per ton.
    Oil sales need not worry, there will be Maoming, Guangdong merchants come to buy."Hemou said, their price is cheaper than the wholesale price of diesel in the formalmarket about half of the oil is generally used as a factory fuel customers to buy from him.
    Insider, not only here, Hemou profits generated in the refinery when the byproduct of steel wire, one ton can be sold for more than 1700 yuan, and two tons of tires will be able toproduce steel wire more than 250 kg. Now, from the purchase of tires, processing and sales, there is a dedicated channel, has a complete industrial chain in the local formation of an indigenous refining.

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