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Plastic refinery equipment production and reducing energy supply pressure


    Plastic refinery equipment production and reducing energy supply pressure
    At present our country diesel passenger cars account for less than 1% of passenger cars, diesel cars accounted for less than 0.1%. In this huge dropping variance is an important reason lies in that our country clean diesel supply keep. The so-called clean diesel, refers to reach Europe IV, Europe V emission standards for diesel. And our country is current and even country IV ( equivalent to euro IV diesel standards ) has not developed. Because the oil of poor quality, leading to the formulation of national emission standard date back again and again, also make our country auto industry energy saving and emission reduction of discount.
    Li Wenge suggests, first of all, to the national energy security and energy saving and emission reduction targets for dominant, system coordination of industrial policy, in the form of national laws and regulations promulgated mandatory energy emissions standards, all related industries must be in accordance with the requirements of unity to be prepared in advance, rather than" the condition does not have " grounds, delays in implementation time;
    Secondly, the mechanism, encourage foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises to enter into the energy industry, breaking the monopoly, to the benign competition to promote technological progress, accelerate the technological transformation of existing refining equipment, waste plastic refinery equipment from a technical guarantee to improve the quality of fuel, to meet the continuous progress of the vehicle performance and emissions requirements;
    In third, the individual slots appear diesel shortage, to expand the product oil import channels, storage to the people of the way to solve. The shortage of oil, also can make tax reduction or exemption policy, increase effective supply;
    In fourth, took the lead in providing quality products for all types of enterprises and to meet the advanced performance and emissions standards for vehicle manufacturing enterprises, the user is given an incentive, Jiangyoufalie, stimulative increment product structural adjustment;
    Finally, in industrial policy explicitly support for clean diesel vehicles to use, promotion, put forward universal goal, and according to the effect of energy saving and new energy vehicles to give appropriate incentives policy. To conform to the industrial policy oriented, investment in advanced technology enterprises are encouraged and affordable.
    In 2010, China's automobile production, sales exceeded 18000000, become the world's largest car production country; at the same time, China's oil consumption of 4.49tons, more than 50% dependence on foreign oil lines, our country automobile energy saving and emission reduction is a pressing matter of the moment. And as a result of clean diesel oil supply shortage, China was scheduled for July 1, 2007will be the implementation of light commercial vehicle of China III emission standard was delayed to 2013. The National People's Congress, Inner Mongolia Hohhot City Tumote middle school principal Li Wenge called for, should as soon as possible to improve the quality of oil supply, so as to avoid the car used in the energy-saving emission reduction target fails once again.
    Li Wenge said, clean diesel engine with the same displacement gasoline engine photograph are compared, not only saving 30%, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 25%, at the same time torque enhancement of about 50%. In the implementation of the euro V emission of the EU, diesel cars accounted for almost50%. Biological diesel oil through biological refining method by means of refining equipment complete sets of equipment for.

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