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Advantage of the waste oil refining equipment


    Advantage of the waste oil refining equipment
    Waste oil refining equipment in the processing of waste lubricating oil, what are the advantages?
    1. waste oil refining equipment used over a long period of practice, which prove the effectiveness of the best horizontal reactor.
    2. waste oil refining equipment using a liquefied distillation method, which replaces the traditional boiling evaporation distillation method.
    3. high temperature hazardous waste oil refining equipment to refining waste oil can effectively avoid boiling distillation operation, at the same time, can effectively avoid the waste oil generated excessive cracking, thus effectively reducing energy consumption, reduce pollution.
    4. waste oil refining equipment dedoping, bleaching, off flavor effect, therefore, to improve the quality of recycled oil. Moreover, the device can also be used for other processing of waste oils. Such as waste plastic, waste tires, coal tar.
    5. use the product made ??by the process of refining waste oil refining equipment, viscosity index, acid value, carbon residue, lightning, copper corrosion and metal and parathion residues and other parameters have been complied with or even superior to related indicators requirements.
    6. waste oil refining equipment to effectively solve the problem of waste generated in the production process. Such as: exhaust gas recycling flue dust removal system, and solid waste equipment into asphalt plant do asphalt flow etc..

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