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Waste plastic and recycling machine

    Waste plastic and recycling machine
    Waste plastics oil refining equipment for recycling waste plastic base. The difficulty lies in waste plastic recycling number of large, widely distributed, species, size, number of waste plastics mixed with other municipal solid waste to recycling very difficult.
    Currently, the foreign plastic waste has accumulated a lot of experience, they waste plastic recycling as a systems engineering, government, business, residents participate. Germany started in 1993, recycling containers, recycling in 1997 reached 600,000 tons of plastic waste, consumption of that year 800,000 tons of 75%. Currently, more than 300 German in the country set up recycling containers, sorting networks, the network will be unified into plastic bottles, film, cups, PS foam products and other products, and a uniform color logo. Japanese resin recycling secret of success is to establish a recycling system. Recycling management system is to minimize the recovery of the core part of the manufacturers in the establishment of sales outlets must also consider the establishment of recycling outlets. Manufacturers to take their own products recycling waste materials responsibilities, and recycling their own waste materials produced, the original standard parts and material properties, it is easy to grasp, to the full and effective recycling, to ensure the performance of recycled products. Can also reduce the heat recovery, reducing the cumbersome procedures and environmental pollution. As the product's modular, so that waste plastic recycling equipment, oil refining part of the technology research and development a clearer direction.
    For further use, recycling of waste plastics are often separated, the main separation technologies using density separation, dissolution of separation, filtration and separation, electrostatic separation and floating separation, shown in Figure 2.1. Japan Association for the Advancement of plastic processing water flotation separation device can be a separation rate of 99.9%, and U.S. DOW Chemical Company has developed a similar separation to the separation of liquid hydrocarbons instead of water, mixed waste plastic, made more best results. Kellogg Company and the United States, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have jointly developed solvent separation and recovery technology, without manual sorting, you can make mixed waste plastics have been isolated. The law is the shredded waste plastic by adding a solvent in the solvent at different temperatures can have a choice
    Different polymers and dissolved them separated. Application is the best solvent to xylene, operating temperature is not too high. Separation of some new technologies such as electromagnetic rapid heating method, reactive blending method, there are many reports. Rapid heating of electromagnetic separation of recyclable metal - polymer components, reactive blending method can achieve with a coating layer on the bumper recycling waste separation. In addition, foreign countries have developed a computer automatic sorting system, to achieve a continuous separation process automation. Swiss Bueher company with halogen light source for the strong, and after four kinds of filters to identify, by computer detachable PE, PP, PS, PVC and PET waste plastic, waste plastics oil refining equipment, production capacity of 1t / h.

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