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Tire recycling machine

    Tire recycling machine
    Reuse tail gas-Energy saving
    20 years experience
    Tire recycling machine
    Raw material:
    You can use waste tyres, waste plastics as raw material. From below pictures, you could find that, our machine have double feeding doors, bigger one can input tyres, smaller one can input plastics. But you can not mixed tyres and plastics
    Usually, it will be like this: 10ton tyres, could get around 45% oil, 30% carbon black, 15% steel wire, 10% moisture.
    Oil usage: you could sell it to oil refining factory directly, use it for heating.
    Carbon black usage: you can sell it directly, or make further process. There are two ways to process carbon black.
    First, you could use a grinder machine, grind the carbon black into 800-1200mesh or more, then sell it into plastics factory, tube factory, rubber factory...
    Second, you could use carbon black pellet machine, make the powder carbon black into carbon black pellet, then could use it for heating.

     Waste Tire Recycling Machine

     Pyrolysis Plant

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