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waste tyre and plastic oil can be sold


    Green environmental technology holding company (geth) announced that it recycled waste tyres and waste plastic produced oil samples tested, all exceed the prescribed technical specifications and conditions of refinery requirements, so that such oil products as crude oil in the marketon sales. The final round of tests confirmed that by installing additional equipment for processing the samples, such oil is in full compliance with the restrictions set by the refinery in order to buy this oil.
    The company official said, the past 12 months has been in the waste tires and plastics conversion equipment manufacturers to deal with several rubber and plastic materials, and the direct output of the process oil sampling. In addition, the company has been in conjunction with the oil industry equipment manufacturer committed to the element to remove the crude oil can not be accepted for the refinery.
    This is a huge leap forward for GETH production of oil and waste tires and waste plastic items. The final step is to re-refinery test, and once again confirmed the earlier findings, in order to agree on the agreement of the oil purchased by the Kansas City, Missouri Ebbros. It is reported that Ebbros and GETH laboratory of this oil with a large oil refinery in California for testing.
    In July 2011, the green environmental technology holding company with Ebbros Investment Group signed a non-binding letter of intent, agreed Ebbros the development of waste tires and plastic to oil installations (including all the infrastructure), install all necessary equipment, back and all of these devices and equipment leased to the geth. Ebbros will purchase all the oil produced by these devices, it is estimated that each unit monthly production of about 10,700 barrels. The letter of intent and then agreed GETH the leaseback agreement is valid for more than 10 years. Ebbros also show that the intention of cooperation based on the similar conditions on all future waste tires and plastic to oil processing device and GETH.

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