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Good quality of waste tyre oil


    According to the research results oil innings  report it had oil samples produced through the conversion of waste plastics and tyres accepted by a major oil company as a quality that it would purchase.
    the oil company stated that their lab results showed all of the qualities of the crude oil samples received to be within typical specifications for their refinery.
    there are three main categories of polymer based products which it utilises as feedstock - shredder residue, According to the company,agricultural plastics and waste tires.
    CEO Gary M De Laurentiis commented: "This is another huge leap forward for GETH and our tire and plastic to oil project with Ebbros Energy LLC."
    "This is the final piece of what was needed to move forward with our first plant. We are finalising our agreement with Ebbros so we can move from the non-binding LOI to a finance and purchase agreement next week," he added.
    The CEO went on to explain that the terms of a purchase agreement between Ebbros and the oil company are now being negotiated as to the delivery point and financial terms. We anticipate the contract to be completed in the next few weeks.'
    The company is now working with a California commercial realtor, has identified a site and is negotiating the rental terms, according to De Laurentiis.
    "We have been in contact with the agencies able to permit the site we have chosen and have had initial discussions that have been positive and we believe the permits can be completed in the next few months," he continued.
    De Laurentiis added that the equipment could be ready to deliver at approximately the same time table as the permits being issued.
    the companys saay that it has secured feed stock supplies of tires and plastic for the area where it intends to locate.
    With big volumes of waste tyres and plastic going to the canada landfills we know the plant growing from its initial start-up to consume an huge amount of waste tyres and plastic that has no value and is not recycled.

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