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Tyre oil machine


    Times the background and significance of the project development
    The modernization of society, on the one hand, the rubber oil industry to flourish, rubber oil is widely used in various industries; the other hand, the rubber oil is not easy to corrupt, and the increasing waste products, has become a public hazard of environmental health, is known as the black pollution . Compared with the developed countries to deal with this contamination, our country is also a certain lack of experience, capital and markets is also a big problem.
    At present, China's tire annual production ranks third in the world, has more than 130 million scrap tires generated each year over 65 million, and the speed of double-digit annual growth. Among them, 70 percent of the waste tires resource has not been recycling and reuse, recycling rates of waste bias tires than half. China's rubber resources are very scarce, rubber raw materials are mainly imported. Therefore, to enhance the management of the waste tire recycling is desperately needed.
    The rubber waste is the most simple approach is to create a recycled rubber powder and oil refining. The production of recycled rubber powder, because production costs are high, narrow sales channel, to produce the plastic track, and other products the use of long adverse, which restricts the further development of this project. Refining, sold well, its liquidity and profits in selling the world's attention. For example, the average price of scrap tires and domestic recycling is 1000 yuan / ton, discarded tires, oil yield is 45%, plus the production costs of fuel, labor, utilities, the cost of producing one ton of tire oil is 2800 yuan / ton or so. The current market price of the tire oil is 3800 yuan / ton.
    Chinese mainland used waste tires oil equipment host with vertical fixed processor, the process is as follows: First of all waste tires from cracking the top of the processor manually join, and then closed the feed inlet, and then refining left end of the processor tire debris, coal or wood fuel slow heating, cracking processor usually has a volume of 5 cubic meters, feeding 1 ton, it normally takes 12 hours Lianwan a furnace. After the stop 12 hours. Fully decline in processor temperature, open the slag processor under the Ministry of the slag door, mouth feed from the processor to feed into the next cycle.
    Refining processor device of the vertical waste tires, waste treatment in the production process can not meet environmental requirements, and production is low, do not have the continuous production capacity, and would like to have the economic benefits of joint production requires more refining processor.
    Lucky Baoding Chemical Engineering Design Institute team of experts on the basis of various studies, weaknesses, based on reality, starting from the actual national conditions after years of scientific and technological research, design launched Xinxiang City Xin energy and environmental security drive waste tire and carbon black pyrolysis oil of equipment. "
    Second, products and raw materials markets
    With the rapid development of world economy, the rubber market demand for carbon black, rubber products, the cheapest of the N330 carbon black market price of at least 2600 yuan / ton, while the rotary reaction processing control the production of carbon black, can be used as a fuel, as the production of N330 carbon black raw material, market demand is strong and broad prospects.
    With the increasing oil shortage of the momentum, since the 1990s, energy has become a major factor restricting the economic development of countries, oil fifteen years of proven global land after mining finished! To find new energy sources has become the concern of the world. China has vast territory, large population, and With the rapid development of market economy, the vehicle, the popularity of the machinery, the oil market demand for continuous growth, our country has been oil-exporting countries into the oil-importing countries. The first half of 2006, According to the news released by the China Petrochemical Corporation, in addition to the domestic production of crude oil needed in a foreign country imports eight thousand barrels of crude oil to meet domestic market demand. 2005, international crude oil prices again rose, and a barrel of crude oil has exceeded $ 70 / barrel (OPEC offer) in August 2005.
    Refining of raw materials to ensure that the source?
    At present, China's tire annual production ranks third in the world, has more than 130 million scrap tires generated each year over 65 million, and the speed of double-digit annual growth. Each county to build a one year deal with 65,000 waste tires to extract the carbon black and tire oil plant, the raw material is no need to worry about.
    Third, the main technical characteristics
    (1) the results of key equipment cracking processor using horizontal rotating structure, catalytic pyrolysis processes and products of chemical extraction techniques.
    2 is equipped with complete environmental protection facilities. Such as waste gas burner and soot desulfurization precipitator
    3 advanced countries patents for inventions slag technology.
    4 the rational design of this equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, security facilities, equipped with pressure and temperature sensing control device.
    5 wide range of uses, the use of a machine.
    6. A number of independent intellectual property rights.
    Four rotary reaction processor for products and industry
    Industrial mixed plastic waste, to allow a variety of waste at the same time (but recommendations PE> 70%, PVC <10%).
    (2) waste oil. : Waste diesel oil, waste oil, waste diesel, and so on.
    (3) the waste rubber tires.
    Waste cable skin (recommended first dechlorinated and then refining).
    5 waste oil.
    Waste of PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) regeneration.
    Five, the process
    Waste tires directly into the rotary atmospheric cracking processor, catalytic heating distillate oil steam, oil and gas through the condenser, the liquefied part, condensation tire oil can not be liquefied part of the end of the hold into the processor through the gas system burned . After the end of each furnace, cooling carbon black automatic slag from the slag door.
    Sixth, the security
    The safety of the main equipment. In the production process, can not be liquefied exhaust is the main component C1 to C4 alkanes, direct burning to a certain degree of risk. Our current production process, before it is burned as fuel, first of all make it through the first safety device water seal, and then make it through the second safety device gas nozzle, so that it can completely achieve safe production. More using the latest technology of independent intellectual property rights patent to the main processor and the pressure of critical systems, the temperature has been monitoring means, if there is abnormal automatic alarm, the production process there is always a security guarantee.
    , Environmental protection
    Waste in the production process.
    1 Exhaust
    Both the elimination of two safety devices, water seal and gas nozzle is fully burning, air pollution, saving a lot of fuel; soot emission using zaoqiang ZTC type series of desulfurization dust, smoke and dust emissions can be achieved GB 13271-2001 standard .
    2. Waste
    In the process, the oil will produce some of the weak acid wastewater (to produce one ton of oil will produce about 50 kg of waste water, a small amount of easy to handle), the use of a patented product of the country qualified for the standard treatment.
    (3) Waste solids
    Waste tires by catalytic pyrolysis, the remaining residue is carbon black. Non-existent waste solids.
    VIII Conclusion
    Calculations show that the above analysis: the use of discarded tires extraction of carbon black and tire oil "turning waste into treasure."

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