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So called 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, etc generation waste tyre pyrolysis plant

    In the field of waste tyre pyrolysis plant, I believe that every customer will find lots of similar products, they have been dubbed such names as five or six generation, or even seven and eight generation products. But they looks alike, so customers may always feel confused when they choose the products.
    Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant since 1993, as the pioneer of this field, we are very glad to eliminate our customer’s doubts in this regard. In fact, people in this field are aware that these products are not much different, nor that so called five, six or eight generation products. Generally speaking, their working theory are same. But why so many different names appear in market?
    For HUAYIN company, we invented the first waste tire pyrolysis at the very beginning, since nobody earlier than us, so we called it the first generation tire pyrolysis plant. The following part is the history of pyrolysis plant:
    The1st generation machine is vertical machine, our boss use it refining oil long time ago.
    The 2nd generation machine is not produced by HUAYIN, this machine came from another factory in Shangqiu, we called it the 2nd generation machine. The loading door of this machine is square door and this design can not be equipped with auto feeder. In addition, their cooling system using some pipes together in one pool.
    The 3rd generation machine is the upgrade of Shangqiu design, we add a round door on the original square door, in this way, we can load raw materials either by manpower or use auto-feeder.
    The 4th generation machine is invented by ourselves, the loading door applies double round design, the bigger one could load tyres, the smaller one could load plastics. The cooling system here we use cooling pipes and vertical condensers.
    The 5th generation machine is our newest design until now, we improve the technology according to our client's feedback. We add a water cover on oil-water separator, and also change vertical condensers into horizontal condensers since we find the colling line of horizontal condenser is longer the vertical one, at the same time, the cooling effect is much better. Specially, we we add aother two small vertical condensers to recooling down the exhaust gas thus guarantees the oil yield rate.
    So as you see, after 20 years of continuous innovation and development, now the fifth generation tire pyrolysis plant is the most advanced device in our factory and we never stop our pace, so we assert we are professional manufacturer.
    Most manufacturers use different names refer to their products in order to differ from others because they don’t like their product sounds the same as the others. So they may make small modification of the product, from the appearance, color, etc., and then dubbed higher generation name to their products, in this way, they believe that customers will feel that their products are more advanced and more competitive. That’s the most important reason that so many different names of waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant in our market.
    OK, I think everyone can understand this question clearly now, I wish all customers can polish your eyes and get the best tire pyrolysis plant with your wisdom.


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