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Oil refining equipment


    Oil refining equipment is the use of various types of waste plastics, waste tires, waste rubber and waste oil and other refined gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and other multifunction devices and installations. It should not be acid, no alkali, the use of new technology and equipment of the fixed bed catalytic cracking, bleaching, deodorization, etc., not only completely changed the traditional acid-base refining of waste emissions and environmental pollution brought about by, and can greatly improve product quality and the number of products, reduce production costs, and truly non-polluting, no emissions, thereby protecting the environment, waste utilization, waste change Po, and ultimately self - serving Quo. Therefore, oil refining equipment, oil refining is possible!
    Oil refining equipment for catalyst heating in the reactor after the reaction, you can play a catalytic cracking decolorization deodorant to reduce the condensation point, lower density, the removal of harmful substances such as sulfide, oxide, glial, and impurities role, and then hair oil, so that waste oil vaporization cooled condensing unit, the last and then refined preparations further bleaching, deodorization, in addition to the impurities, the resulting refined oil is qualified the car with gasoline, diesel or fuel oil. Therefore, oil refining equipment, oil refining is very possible!
    Oil refining equipment, through long-term exploration and test the principle of "simple, efficient, energy saving, environmental protection", successfully developed a simple operation, processes, excellent quality, high efficiency, and less investment and quick use of a machine all kinds of waste oil can be transformed into the form of a molecular cleavage of 0 to 20, diesel, petrol, bio-diesel or fuel oil. Therefore, oil refining equipment, oil refining is quite feasible!

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