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Improvement and upgrading of the waste tire recyclig machine


    Waste tire recycling machine, why the need to constantly improve and upgrade? And Waste tire recycling machine has what improvements and enhancement?
    The world's crude oil quality trend is heavier deteriorate, sulfur and metal content is also increasing, leading to the increasing difficulty of processing. Waste tire recycling machine market of light petroleum products, low-sulfur and sulfur-free, clean fuel, high-quality petrochemical raw materials, environmental protection requirements but is also not reduced, but showing more and more pressing trends and standards increasingly high. Therefore, the request must be equipped with sufficient ability to deep-processing and finishing ability.
    In this form of the device structure of the Waste tire recycling machine in the past few years, has been in a state of constant adjustment, making it deep processing and finishing capabilities continue to improve. Moreover, as the market continues to improve oil quality requirements, the proportion of hydrotreating capacity of the Waste tire recycling machine will continue to improve and increase constantly increasing.

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