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The garbage plastic more reasonable processing program


    Plastic important consumer information is an integral part of modern life, has been flooded many areas of human life. National annual consumption of plastic is about 700 million tons, these plastic sooner or later is bound to become a waste, means that each year hundreds of tons of waste plastic. On the current situation of waste plastics processing is basically folk spontaneous unregulated processing, processing recycling program. For example: food bags, handbags, bags and so on. Thus wherever you see these white pollutants, or piled everywhere, piles and piles of garbage plastic containing large amounts of impurities, or the whole field, the ditch, the entire pit landfill garbage plastic. Experts have long scientific waste plastics relying on natural decomposition takes hundreds of years, If allowed to go on, really on the site of human habitation covered with a layer of "white" garbage, our lives living environment will be threatened! Our future generations will pay a heavy price today because we are not made??! Upcoming relatively clean and is not pulverized, molded and can significantly categories industrial, agricultural plastic be cleaned, dried and granulated recycling. The program processing plastic waste accounts for about 60% of the total waste plastic. However even recall the renewable plastic also isolated a small amount of debris, they are still as useless garbage abandoned factory location. More important, accounting for about 40% of the waste plastic garbage plastic as well as the classification of mixed plastics can not be separated not yet been effectively addressed, especially large and medium-sized cities daily life in plastic garbage is unable to find a reasonable treatment programs.

     Waste Tire Recycling Machine

     Pyrolysis Plant

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