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The maximum operating rate of domestic refineries during difficult slow diesel shortage


    By the expected increase in domestic oil prices, the wholesale unit of limited resources for the arrival of poor and transport is blocked and other factors, has recently presented the North Songnan tight diesel supply pattern, east, central, south and southwest again "diesel shortage", diesel shortages or will increase.
    Changsha City in Hunan, a large number of private stations hang out "no diesel" sign. GUO peach stone gas station owners, said, Changsha began ten days ago the signs of diesel supply, intensified the last three days, starting from the evening of December 11, stone gas station has been completely stopped for diesel.
    And in the petrochemical, oil has many gas stations a week to implement a limited supply, some gas stations at night and even a little diesel fuel at all. Quartet Ping in Changsha, a Sinopec gas station, each vehicle can only add $ 50 worth of diesel. This taxi driver Huang Ying refueling told reporters, many gas stations have added less than diesel fuel, can also get a limited supply plus, he had to think about while driving but also where to refuel a little later, a car day to run down about five or six times to add the oil, "Come on have to line up a lot of time spent on fuel, the recent business far worse than before."
    On the highway, the difficult problem of fuel is more serious, more than truck drivers, diesel shortage has become a common problem in central China. Reporters saw, Changsha, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high-speed section, Xiangtan section of several gas station next to the service area have a long row of filling the ranks. Zhaoshan service area in north-south direction, line up the big truck fuel team has at least two kilometers. From Inner Mongolia, Hunan Leiyang hauling coke to the master driver Zhaozhang Li told reporters, north of diesel supply situation can be, the further south the more intense, in Hubei, a lot of gas stations in the evening did not increase diesel fuel, some of Sinopec during the day The gas station is its limited supply, fuel card worth $ 700 can be added to diesel fuel, no fuel card can only add 500 yuan worth of diesel, Hunan is similar.
    Affected by the supply of diesel, Changsha, several bus companies more than 20 buses a temporary outage, while Hong Kong and Macao's long-haul freight on the highway greater loss. In Hunan, the local truck drivers to run short-distance transport queue time increase reflects Rochon, seriously delayed the business, some fresh vegetables from south to north and livestock transport drivers also complained, "line up like this, and then fresh vegetables will degenerate ah! "
    Hunan is not an isolated phenomenon, "Economic Information Daily (microblogging)," Reporters learned that the north and freezing rain and snow to gradually replace diesel minus zero number of diesel into the mainstream, the northern region has been showing diesel supply and demand relief trend, while the eastern, central, south and southwest of the imbalance between supply and demand in most parts but did not improve more intense, private stations have varying degrees of diesel shortages in some areas there are signs of increase.
    Information organizations AXIS think Wang rate of energy for nearly 300 community stations and nearly 350 main station for diesel oil in the camp of tracking statistics show that 18% of social standing over oil price sales, 13% of the petrol station and the community 15% of the main fuel oil station limits, 15% of the community and 5% of the petrol station petrol station there off the main phenomenon of oil, 7% of the main fuel oil stations queuing up phenomenon, 56% and 77% social petrol stations The main petrol stations can guarantee the normal sales.
    For a new round of oil shortage occurs because, in buildings that information analyst Shen Tao, long-term high and volatile international crude oil prices, making the arbitrage space compression, distribution, and speculation on the market decreased motivation, low warehouse waiting to see widespread. The majority of the wholesale unit with the completion of the annual marketing plan, start shrinking resources, in order to avoid oil prices fell sharply, and the accumulation of resources for the upcoming Spring Festival and control the amount of sales, which are making significant market tensions diesel supply of resources, many private oil prices a "no fuel to sell" situation.
    Changsha, Hunan, a number of private gas stations, told reporters that there is no oil source private oil enterprises, most need to rely on in the petroleum, petrochemical supply, many private gas stations even got the bill of lading, it is difficult to buy diesel.
    The Hunan branch of Sinopec official said that the current diesel shortage may only problem Bureau, Hunan Branch, Sinopec has not decreased recently the supply of diesel, but diesel is increased the amount of resource allocation, and in order to ensure the "two section "of the diesel supply, fully prepared.
    "Private oil enterprises are mainly from Shandong to take the oil refining, and refining the current price of Shandong Province, although down, but only slightly, with 0 # diesel oil, for example, wholesale and retail price difference is still upside down 100-200 yuan / ton, selling more loss of more, and ultimately lead to restrictions on sale or closure of private gas stations. "Shen Tao said.
    In the interest of energy oil analyst Liao Shun Wang appears, and East and South China for the main subject of different factors, central, southwest of downtown oil shortage is also due to poor transport blocked the arrival of resources, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in the dry season affect the central , Sichuan-Chongqing region smooth diesel storage resources. In addition, the Spring Festival approaching, a variety of freight trucks and passenger traffic increased demand for diesel buses, further exacerbating the shortage.
    "This year the Xiangjiang River during the dry season is longer, in the Xiangjiang River water level has less than 25 meters, is the lowest level this year, which is to determine whether large-scale ten thousand tons cargo ship into port a necessary condition, affected by the arrival of Hunan main resource poor . "Treasure Island market analyst Hejie Ying explained.
    Hunan, the local industry analysis, with a further increase in the Xiangjiang River dry, oil will further increase the difficulty of transportation; meet peak winter approaches will lead to increased consumption of living, the inevitable emergence of electricity shortage will increase diesel demand, will increase oil shortage; by the end of the logistics industry of the season, spring season, the demand for transportation of diesel will increase, therefore, have further exacerbated the diesel shortage could.
    Liao Shun also pointed out that the eastern, central and other resources to supply capacity to mitigate or hampered because some areas will ease the period or extended. Resources continued to narrow by the impact of diesel, petrol station near the main part of diesel fuel delivery and distribution cycle to reduce the amount of extension, and because social petrol stations of the "high oil" or "no oil to sell," the factors, more and more main petrol stations have been or will fall into line, even a limited stock of the situation.

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