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Waste plastic recycling equipment has what advantage?


    Waste plastic recycling equipment has what advantage?
    First, waste plastic recycling equipment the technology of environmental protection projects, the production process without the "three wastes" emissions, exhaust gas is mainly propane, ethane and other low carbon alkane,6-8% content, can adopt the technology measures to recycling, also can flare burn. Only a small number of carbon black, impurity discharging and sediment. Annual emissions of about 25tons, the flora and fauna of no physical harm, meet the national emission standard.
    Second, waste plastic recycling equipment this item is new technology, new achievement. Have long-term vitality development prospects, with long-term social, environmental and economic benefits, solve the white garbage disposal is a problem, with the current national industry policy.
    Third, waste plastic recycling catalytic cracking can produce diesel (0# - 20# can produce ), gasoline ( up to 90# ), liquefied petroleum gas, building roofing waterproof agent, the external walls of high-level paint, coating agent for paper, printing adhesives, plastic waste oil recycling equipment of water-based paint and other chemical products.
    Fourth,adding a small amount of catalyst additives. Without selecting, cleaning, can be directly input to the device, under the action of catalyst can be converted to clear clear gasoline, diesel products, suitable for boilers, vehicles and other use, waste plastic oil recycling with vehicle fuel standard.

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