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After Sale of Huayin Pyrolysis Plant Counsel

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in inventing and producing pyrolysis plant, including tyre pyrolysis plant, plastic pyrolysis plant, crude oil distillation plant, decolor and deodour equipment and other accessory equipment such as briquette machine and blender machine.

The main machines focus on refining industrial fuel oil from plastic waste, scrap tires and other available solid waste. Among all the main products, and most of the major parts in every complete machine are patented products, which means they were created and released through hundreds of experiments by essential engineers and inventors from Huayin Group. Therefore, our equipment possess enough certificates like CE and SGS.  
In addition, after sale is a big part of Huayin service, including installation, workers training, and technical consult during running. Normally, installation and workers training mean the most after purchasing. 

The best way to make the machine run well is to obey our installation principle, which is our specially appointed engineer will be in charge of the whole building and commissioning process and train the new hired workers of clients. Because our professional engineers know the basics of pyrolysis technology, yet if the foundation part is not fixed well, running would be a huge problem. 
However, some of our clients, who are too confident about themselves and in a rush for the project, do not want to be led by our engineer, and install the machine by themselves. 
And the consequence is their foundation is not built stable, thus the machine shavers while running, breaking the whole project in some way. Therefore, our heartfelt suggestion is clients had better listen to the professional orders of our appointed engineers to avoid unnecessary financial loss.


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