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American Friends Finally Ordered Huayin Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Equipment

In our last several episodes, some American friends were mentioned. 
They started to know Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd about two years ago, and loved our technology. It has been a long time for them to decide on this tire/plastic pyrolysis machine project, because a wise choice was never easy to make. They spent a lot of time and effort investigating and preparing. 

This time, indeed they came to China to do something about the whole process. And they are still here in the city and visit our factory and workshops very often. Besides, we seldom meet this kind of clients who linger for a long time since they are businessmen. 
After a long time investigation and thorough thinking, they eventually decided to order, and they even plan to stay longer to witness the entire production and consignment.
Most importantly,they did stay here and simply waste time, they made some adjustment on our machine, in order words, some refit, to fit the environment in North America. It is a bold attempt to waste pyrolysis refining field as well as an improvement. 
This very cooperation is not only about waste tire/plastic pyrolysis technology but also a good example of Sino-U.S. relationship exchange between common people. 

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