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Best selling waste tyre pyrolysis plant, tire oil and engine oil distillation machine in India

Huayin professional waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

    Xinxiang Huayin company owns proven technology for pyrolysis plant of waste plastic and waste tyre, also, we have tyre oil, plastic oil and used motor/engine oil distillation machine.  At Huayin scientific research department, our engineers dedicate constant efforts to improve machinery design and technology for pyrolysis of waste plastic and tyre. Now we are confident that we can offer you the world's leading and most profitable continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant from Xinxiang, China. Established in 1993 till today, huayin company have exported more than 1000 sets of waste plastic/tyre pyrolysis plant in global market to more than 100 countries in the world.

Unique advantages of huayin waste tye pyrolysis plant:

    1. Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis plant adopts air lock raw material feeding system with nitrogen purging  to prevent oxygen entering into reactor in case of explosion.    
    2. The reaction temperature is much lower of 230℃-280℃ to save you operating cost, increased safety and reduced maintenance.   
    3. Two steps of energy recovering system thast ensures 90% of the energy efficiency.    
    4. Energy self sufficient machinery can ensure investor save more costs without external fuel required during the working process.    
    5. Innovative catalyst combination ensures maximum oil yields and stable pyrolysis process.    
    6. Safe and automatic pyrolysis gas handling system make sure that additional gas can be used to run electricity generator or can be supplied to furnace.    
    7. Effective Scrubbing system: to ensure that emissions are well below limits prescribed by environmental authorities.    
    8. Multiple layers of safety to prevent machinery damage or health hazards.    
    9. Operational pressure of less than 300mmWC along with automatic and reliable safety release system: to ensure negligible risk of fire or pressure related hazards.    
    10. Reactor manufactured of stainless steel & reactor heating by hot air to ensure longer life of the reactor.    
    11. Breakthrough pyrolysis oil refining technology ensures high quality of pyrolysis oil.    
    12. Low reaction time (15 to 45 minutes): ensures higher processing capacity and higher profits.    
    13. Continuous process: Low manpower required, negligible maintenance/cleaning downtime.    
    14. Environment friendly process design without harmful influence to environment.

Huayin group commitment:

    Industrial waste management is the future environment protection and renewable energy. To achieve this global leadership as turnkey supplier of pyrolysis plants: we must look ahead, understand the forces that will shape our future business & act swiftly to prepare for what is to come.

Huayin group mission:

    1. Our roadmap starts with our mission, which is permanent. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as a standard against which we scale our actions and decisions.    
    2. Establish waste tyre pyrolysis plant with the most efficient machinery and technology for converting global polymer waste into usable fuel.   
    3. Achieve excellence in project management, operations and safety.   
    4. Create value and make difference


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