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City waste recycling: plastic to oil machine

Many people are concerned about household garbage and municipal solid waste disposing as many governments want to get rid of all the landfills and no more trash on the ground. As the main components of city wastes are plastics, it can be separated and then recycling by our machine. The plastics in city wastes will be concerted into fuel oil carbon black and combustible gas, among the final products, the fuel oil can be used for power generating directly. This technology is urgently needed in many countries like Mexico, Columbia, Hawaii, Peru, Argentina and many other countries. 

The plastic has many different texture, and most of them can be used for recycling into oil by our plastic to oil machine, see the following data:
PP: Small containers, PP bands, CD/DVD cases, etc.
PE: Shopping bags, PET bottle caps, etc. 
PS: Disposable food packages, expanded polystyrene, etc.
The most important point here I need to mention is that our newest machine have the most advanced de-dusting device, it can achieve EU environmental standard.


Business benefits by adopting our machine:
1. Achievement of zero emission recycle initiative.
2. Cost reduction in incineration/disposal landfill of waste plastics.
3. New profitable business in selling of cracked oil as product.
There is an old saying: seeing is believing, if you set mind to invest in this field, checking the real running machine is very key important. On internet it is very difficult to recognize which one is real good technology, more difficult to check the information offered on internet whether is true.

HUAYIN has the unique and biggest running machine factory for your checking and visiting, there are 6 sets machine running. Also we have our own laboratory to help you test your materials oil rate and oil specification. 
Huayin company have been successfully build the city waste recycling project in Bulgaria, the customer get clean diesel from the plant with both environmental and economic benefits, Welcome your visiting anytime!


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