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Feedback of SGS from European Countries

Several weeks have passed, some pyrolysis plant that convert waste plastic to oil projects investors received our SGS test report at the very first time. And some of them consider it very helpful as they were trying hard to apply for the governmental permission, since pyrolysis business is mainly managing daily and industrial waste and second pollution is seriously forbidden by governments especially in strict countries in Europe. 

Many businessmen from developed countries are interested in waste management project for a long time and planning to invest, yet they are often suffering the obstacles of governmental and environmental application, which costs them a lot of time and energy and sometimes ends up with disappointment. Nonetheless, SGS test report is a great news even a turning point for some clients who are in investigation and applying stage. 
Such as one of our clients from Estonia, when he got our SGS, his group held a conference to analyze the emission numbers and discuss about their next step. It is absolutely a great help for their project. Although we do not know the result, the report would make everything optimistic. 

Above is a number sample of the emission test, and 455mg/cubic meter and 0.639 kg/h are the Huayin pyrolysis plant conversion and emission rates respectively, which is under China governmental and environmental emission standard. It means Huayin pyrolysis plant and distillation machine will pass permission in plenty of countries. Besides, different countries have different standards, and they can compare with the numbers on our SGS test report in detail.   


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