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Precious Friends from USA seeking waste to oil equipment

As a pioneer in oil refining and waste oil distillation Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd has been always challenging herself to make more improvements and breakthroughs and spare every effort to bring the newest technology to every corner of the world which is in need. 

What is more, we have been trying to open markets in some developed countries such as European countries. And we have succeeded installing our plants dealing with solid waste in some places over Europe. 
However, Huayin does not stop moving forward to more area, for example American countries where the environmental protection standards are really strict. It is not easy to pass the standard there, and Huayin keeps exploring and conquering new obstacles.    

Honestly speaking, it is complicated as well for an investor or technology counselor to find a potential project, start to study it, build a team and finally invest and purchase. Today we have several friends come from afar, to be more specific North America, they are interested in Huayin technology, and investigated this project for more than three years. 
They have visited Huayin factory including the workshop for several times to check the possibility of this project and the quality of our plants. And they have gone through a lot of struggles and stops. Finally it is a time for them to decide on this long project. Stay tuned for our waste tyre to oil machine running in USA!


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