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Snow Skiing Huayin Pyrolysis Plant Team

Whole China was looking forward to snowing for more than half a winter, especially the capital city and very middle area like Henan province, for the land and the people have been lacking in moisture for sometime, and both the air and corps were thirsty, and so was Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd plastic and tyre pyrolysis plant. It was really so dry that some city even tried to snow man made instant snow to alleviate the potential drought. And the Creator must have listened the strong and tearful prayers of His beloved children, and snowed for us last week from Tuesday to Wednesday in Henan province. The moment we saw the snowflakes dancing in the air and falling down quietly and happily, our hearts were fulfilled with joy and hurray. And the land was also comforted and satisfied.   

To celebrate and enjoy more of the amazing blessing and wonder of the Creator, Huayin people were gathered by the leadership to snow ski on Friday. It is a cold ski resort in which the snow is half natural and half man made and located deep down a hill.  
All of us were amazed by the bright scenery when we arrived, and we admired those who can control the snowboard well and skied like dancing and flying. However, most of us went there for the very first time and never learned snow ski before. Just like the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest. Every one of us flipped over when we put on the shoes, and snowboard and tried to conquer the first slope. To be honest, the standing up process was also more difficult than our expectation. Eventually, a coach was hired to teach and lead us, and most importantly teach us to stop in a safe way when we were about to fall down. Some of us would still fall down, yet the falling times were getting fewer and fewer. And the writer and some of us finally could conquer the slope and finish one way.  

Exciting time usually passes very fast. Three hours just flew away while we were flipping over and over, and getting up again and again. Through this very exciting activity, all of us got refreshed and tasted the joy of special fellowship, and understood more of a real union. It takes courage to be brave, yet worthy.  



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