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Traditional Chinese New Year

According to Chinese Lunar Calendar, February 18th is New Year’s Eve, and the coming 15 days are Chinese spring festival.
It is the biggest period of population migration in China every year because the most meaning of this festival is family union. Almost all the companies will give staff about one week’s holiday for them to go home at afar and to show filial obedience towards parents. People get a great chance to refresh themselves and be close to family members. 
On Chinese New Year’s Eve, parents would prepare lucky money for children carrying their love and blessings. What is more, if children visit their senior relatives and give new year wishes, they will also get a bunch of lucky money. 

Except all the common activities and customers, different places have all kinds of ways to celebrate this important time. The pictures are collected from a city of Henan province to show some local celebration. 


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