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Waste Plastic to Oil Energy Create Wealth

For months the crude oil price has been swinging heavily out of people’s expectation, and in January, hit the lowest in history. The reasons are complicated, both political and economic or other hidden ones. And one of them is the newly mining of shale oil. 

What is more, pyrolysis refining field is also affected, some people nearly lost faith on it. However, crude oil is always in need because it is one of the most important fuel resources on earth, and the price wave will not last very long. According to the technology from Xinxiang Huayin Eenewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd, fuel oil from waste plastic is a good choice to release the energy pressure. 

To bring this eco-friendly technology to more people, we have been to Indonesia, and soon will go to Thailand. In this way Brunei, Burma and other countries around are welcome to our booth.    
Plastics include PP, PE, PET, PVC, ABS, PC and so on, yet not all of them are available to be refined to get oil, just several kinds are good choices with high oil rate for example PP. Besides, plastic oil is a kind of bio-oil with very good quality. With its wide usages, plastic oil can make profit for pyrolsis project investors and devote themselves to environmental protection at the same time. 
If the plastics from clients are a mixture of different types, some sorting work needs to be done to achieve a better quantity. 

Most importantly, plastic fuel oil is salable in many industries such as glass factory, power plant, cement factory, iron and steel plant, central shower and so forth. So if you are interested in our technology, do not worry about the market of your final products. In addition, oil fuel will be always a need not only in domestic places, but also international markets.  


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