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Edges of Huayin Pyrolysis Plant

Competition in refining field of pyrolysis plant converting plastic to oil and tyre recycling is very fierce in Henan especially Xinxiang city, yet how can Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd survive and stand out of all manufacturers and keep being a top runner for years? What are the edges of Huayin’s plants?  

Taking 10-Ton pyrolysis plant for waste tyres and plastic as an example,first it is steadily processing, for exclusive design in 60 ton hydraulic pressure pusher and output pipe beside reactor are used to avoid breakdown of the reactor.     
Safe, security facilities are widely built, such as anti-blocking device, pressure gauge, safety valves, and negative pressure device, to make sure the extracting process safe whether there are people watching the site or not.  
Environment-friendly, it possesses three stages of water-cooling system, dust-removing and vacuum discharge device, to realize environmental protection including cleansing dust and smoke, and declining noise. 

Energy--saving, syngas will be reused during refining period, thus, saving fuel cost. And the cooling water can be secondly used to save water.  
Long life expectancy, thick and high quality steel is used for the coats of reactor, and the specialized cotton is also employed to protect the reactor from being harmed by changing weather.     
Nice warranty, provide lifetime service is provided, and first year for free if quality problems. 
Choosing Huayin in waste refining field is choosing the right and reliable business partner and future. 


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