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FAQ about Plastic to fuel machine

Many people are interested in waste to energy project, while, as it is hard for them to get professional knowledge about pyrolysis machine, they always feel confused when they plan to invest in this project. The following are some basic information for customer reference:

1. What kind of Fuels can be used for heating the reactor?
Fuel can be Coal, charcoal, wood, fuel gas and fuel oil.
2. How long time does the machine running to process one batch of waste tyres?
Let’s take 10 ton pyrolysis machine as an example:
2 hours for loading 10 tons waste tires
4 hours for preheating the reactor 
12 hours for the tire become gas and cooling become oil 
1 hour for cooling the reactor 
1 hour for discharging the carbon black 
1 hours for removing the tires steel 

3. How to guarantee the pollution problem, does is environmental friendly?
The pollution of waste tyre pyrolysis plant mainly comes from the four aspects: waste water, waste gas, waste slag and noise pollution.
A. Waste water: The waste water consists of two parts: condensing water and dust removing water. The condensing water are recycling water, the final released waster will not cause any environmental pollution, but the water temperature is a bit high. The dust removing water are circulating water, they will be evaporated without any emissions.
B. Waste gas: Waste gas also include two parts. First, the waste oil gas, it can not be liquefied under normal pressure, Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis pant have advanced exhaust gas recovery system to recycled the gas back to heating system to heat the reactor; Second, waste smoke, it is generated from burning coal or wood, while, with our high-tech dust removing system, the exhaust can meet European emission standards.
C. Waste slag: it is also called crude carbon black as byproduct, it was generated during the pyrolysis process, the market value is about 400-500 Yuan per ton, if you want make further process of it, it can be value about 4000-5000 Yuan per ton, the carbon black slag is usually used in rubber and plastic factory. Now huayin has invented the machine to process carbon black into color master, welcome your purchase.
D. Last, noise: Huayin waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts low noise fan equipment, the noise is less than 60 decibels, noise of power part and auto-feeder are not more than 50 db. If there are any greening trees around your factory, the noise is below 50 in the day and 45 decibels at night.

4. My raw material are waste tyres and plastic, Can I process them only in one machine?
Our prolysis plant is suitable for both waste tyre and plastics, you can recycle both of them with one machine, but need to remember that never mix tyre and plastic together, just separate them in different batch.
5. How to buy your pyrolysis machine?
If you are interested in this green project, please follow the following the procedure: 
1. Inquiry Us  2. Further Communication  3. Reception and Visiting   4. Sign Contract and Customized Machine  5. Pay 30% T/T, LC or etc.   6. Production   7. Delivery  8. Huayin Technician Installation   9. Machine Debugging and Workers Training  
Welcome to visit us anytime!


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