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Application of Distillation Machine


    Application of Distillation Machine
    Distillation machine is one of the main products of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd.  We are
    a leading exporter of renewable energy equipment in our area. The equipments we handled include rubber recycling
    machine, plastic recycling machine, oil refining equipment, recycling equipment, distillation machine etc.
    Huayin distillation machine can effectively remove the moisture,wear debris, pitch, impurities, acid quality, waxiness,
    organic acids and inorganic acids from oil, also it can get rid of the carbon particles, deep oxides and other impurities
    dispersed in oil. Huayin distillation machine can demulsify and improve oil color, making the regenerated oil color
    close to new oil color, recover the oil performance.
    Huayin distillation machine mainly used for decoloring and reuse the oil, and the color of the oil will reach NO2 or 3.
    It can deal with the waste tyre. It can recycle motor oil to base oil, lubricant or diesel. It is also spplicable to cecycle
    hydraulic oil, gear oil.
    Huayin distillation machine has adopted the most advanced technology of the world. It is safely with top quality and
    factory price.
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