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Waste Tires/rubber Refining Equipment


    Waste Tires/rubber Refining Equipment
    Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd latest developed a new type of waste tires/rubber refining equipment , breaking
    the traditional method of refining, its small footprint, reasonable design, continuous feed raw materials and finished products has been
    out, breaking the traditional cauldron charge a few days After the old way of oil the native high yield, low cost, easy to use (48 square,
    which is home casually a house) in 2-30 ton, Nissan, (size), catalytic tower is a national patents,
    three points catalytic cracking, the smell of the oil out of yellow color, and the late loss of eliminating the need for unnecessary pH
    refined oil, and only need to add antioxidants to sell my company matching with liquid, gas catalyst,
    the post-processing, various additives, eliminating the old pickling process.
    After years of research and practice, we launched special refining Free pH refined technology, greatly reduce production costs and
    improve the oil yield, late only need to add 1-3% refining agent, they rapidly falling oil of the oxide
    and the unsaturated hydrocarbon, without loss of the effective hydrocarbon thus treated oil loss does not exceed 4% clear oil.
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