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Keep Moving Wherever You Are

“Our new sales process for tire and plastic into oil machine, and used oil recycling equipment has come out, here is the specific flow chart presentation, everyone of you should know the details of it and make sure no big mistake will be made when practicing.

“The detailed prices are listed in different document folders, including the 4th , 5th , and 6th generation plant, be more careful when you are making quotes.
“ In addition, since we have updated a lot of components and accessories, such as European standard dust removal system, new spiral discharge devices with about 10 kinds, and each has a single price, and water cooling devices. 
“The main machine matches with different smaller components, and all our clients can choose the plants and other parts according to their technical requirements and budget calculation.
“Everyone of you will lead our clients to check the documents and detailed prices carefully, and help them to choose.” 
Above information was announced by general manager of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd. Because the group is always seeking a thorough and precise service for investors who spend a lot of physical and financial energy to do business, Huayin team would improve many service and technical details in time to catch up with clients’ practical and reasonable requirements. 
Unity is the strength, Huayin people will unite and keep seeking the truth of life, and pyrolysis and distillation technology. Valuable advice and visits from abroad are always welcome and cherished here. 


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