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Non-Stop Efforts to Pursue Complete Quality

Just like what was mentioned in last season Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd is a specialized and patented manufacturer of tire and plastic recycling machine, focusing on dealing with house garbage, and refining them to industrial fuel oil, in order to make profits for investors and decrease the environmental solution. And throughout all those years until today, Huayin people do not stop sparing efforts to pursue complete quality by paying attention to pyrolysis technical details. 

Apart from non-stop research, invention and experiments, Huayin also spends time checking the functions of small parts, collecting the previous working conditions. After that, the decision-making level and engineers will hold a formal meeting to discuss about the problems appeared while running, and then work out a program together to update the problematic small parts or improve them to a better level quality. Therefore the whole set would be updated, and so as the efficiency of the plant.          

Furthermore, personalities moulding and training will never be ignored in Huayin, for it is well known in Huayin that human and spirit value the most among everything. Personhood comes first and then work is one of the core concepts of Huayin Group. Once the staff have very good personalities inside, such us clean conscience, they would try hard to produce things out of conscience and care the quality and safety most. For years, the leadership here do not stop seeking a clean conscience of the team and help everyone to do it.  
Others may say obstacles mean a group is not good enough, however, Huayin considers every obstacle, difficulty, reproach or even slander as a special motivation. Because all of them help us to know ourselves more and move froward with stronger faith. 


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