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Plastic to Diesel Solution: Household Garbage Management

For hundreds of years, materialistic consumption kept increasing aggressively, supply always could not meet demand, and domestic garbage such as plastic products, and worn car tires gather and other daily trash are threatening human’s life in a hidden way. Scientific findings show that once plastics were thrown away or buried under ground, it could not be dissociated within about one hundred years, which is a serious and timeless pollution. And scrap tires are collected every day, taking up human’s living space and affecting the air they breathe every moment.      

Let us take a look at our waste management history. Taking the daily waste growth of Germany as an example, the average waste of everybody was 0.5 kg in year 1800, 10 kg in 1900, 30kg in 1950, and 230kg in 2000. According to the changes of the number, the daily trash was jumping through decades, faster and faster. Some technologies make people’s life more effective and convenient, however, unhealthy and life-risking. When the whole society is stepping forward, technologies developing quicker, the daily waste is growing in a stunning speed. 

Governments and environmentalists in most countries outside of China have noticed this threat and have been searching a optimum method to remove it. Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Equipment Co. Ltd from China is one of them and has been researching and doing experiments to overcome this worldly challenge. She has been exploring a method, to be more specific, a brand-new technology to guard human’s living conditions in the meantime make profit out of everyday rubbish, instead of traditional landfill or burning for more than 20 years. 


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