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Pollution to Clean Energy and Profit

Pollution always comes and grows with booming economy. More and more families in city or suburb areas can afford to cars, therefore, waste tires are becoming a big headache of the eco-balance or environmental protection. Meanwhile, supermarkets mushroom everywhere and plastic makes such as plastic bag and cable kin, have been an indispensable part of daily life. And used engine oil from cars and buses are also an issue.  

As time went on, dumped tires and plastic piled into mountains in unknown places, inevitably damaging the air, waters, and the earth, to be more specific, human beings’ home, which bothers the government a lot. 
On one hand, if people of earth turn a blind eye to the increasing pollution of waste tires and plastic, a large number of natural energy, for example, rubber and biomass will be draining. It is a serious energy waste. On the other hand, rubbish is produced every day and renewable, yet energy is reducing and not renewable, which is a vicious circle. 

However, Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. emerges at the right moment. She focuses on solving the used tires and plastic problem, and produces profit through dealing with them to protect the environment in a profitable way. Huayin is developing an epoch-making technology to jump out of the vicious circle to produce renewable energy from daily rubbish. 
Based on gospel, Huayin has been inventing pyrolysis technology to turn used tires, plastic makes and used engine oil to fuel oil since 1993. Honesty is her first policy. Throughout these years, Huayin never stopped inventing and developing new technology. About every three years, she would come out with a new generation-product, and every new one was born with uncountable experiments, for Huayin will not take precious clients as experiments. Every breakthrough delights every single person in Huayin.  
Most importantly, environmental protection and real profit of clients are Huayin’s biggest concern. She has done a series of researches about the cost profit, and market, which is called profit analysis for clients’ reference.  Opportunities belong to those who are willing to step into new field and make a difference in his life. Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. is awaiting your exploration, tests and your precious visit.


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