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Waste Plastic into Fuel Oil Project in Thailand

As we stepped into 20th and 21st centuries, the world’s population keeps increasing rapidly, and plenty of irreplaceable resources have been nearly extinct day by day. And human beings are facing a long term survival crisis. However, not everyone did not realize it, and some people started to look for energy of new types to give the coming generations more chances to live. Universally speaking, the early new energies are wind power, hydropower, solar and geothermal energy. Besides, each place has its different new energy according to the typical geographical advantages. For instance, Netherlands is famous for her wind power due to the rich wind resource. 

Nonetheless, there are few types about turning waste into new energy. Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd stands at  forefront of times and spent years’ exploring new alternative energy. Eventually, waste plastic to fuel oil, used tires to furnace oil pyrolysis technology showed up to the world. Huayin pyrolysis technology is mainly dealing with reining waste plastic to industrial oil, which can be used in a lot of heavy industries. 
Plastics include PP, PE, PS, PET, PVC, ABS and so forth, yet not all of them are available to be refined to get oil, only several kinds are good choices such as PP. Plus, plastic oil is a kind of bio-oil with very good quality. With its wide usages, plastic oil can make profit for pyrolsis project investors and devote themselves to environmental protection at the same time.  

Yet not many countries know this kind of technology, or a lot of people even never heard about it. Therefore, it is our responsibility to share this precious finding to more people who we share the only earth with in order to make full use of the limited resources on earth. 
Last but not in the least, in the middle of May, to be exact, 13rd-16th Huayin will bring pyrolysis plastic technology to Southern East countries like Thailand hopefully to help more people make profit from wastes. You will never feel regretful to come to Huayin booth to take a look at our booth. 

Welcome to visit our factory in Xinxiang, CHina. Welcome to attend the exhibition in Thailand during May13-16, 2015.


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