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Waste Plastic to Oil Machine Vertical and Horizontal Reactors

Generally when it comes to the pyrolysis technology, there appears a lot of differences from superficially similar companies in the same field. Pyrolysis technology mainly deals with waste management and recycles plastic waste and tires to industrial fuel oil. Although they sound the same, such as reactor, all the main part of waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant is called reactor, the core technology of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd is much different from others once readers get to know more about her details. 

One of the big differences is the reactor of both waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant and distillation machine is horizontally designed. However, some reactors are vertical in other companies or manufacturers. And some clients are confused about the differences between vertical and horizontal designs. 

In the first place, vertical reactor means the heating area is on the bottom part, and it imaginable that the bottom area is much smaller than the side area of the main body. Therefore, the heat exchange area is small, and the tires or plastic inside cannot be largely heated and refined in limited hours or the preheating time will be delayed. Consequently, gas oil is difficult to be pyrolysed from raw material, and more time is wasted. But for horizontal reactors, there is no such worries as mentioned previously. On the contrary, the disadvantage becomes the advantage of horizontal one, as more heat exchange area helps produce more oil in short time. 
On the other hand, since the heat exchange area is smaller, very limited part of steel plate will be heated by direct or indirect fire all the time. Naturally, the lifespan will be shortened. Yet the heat exchange area of horizontal reactor is larger, so more steel plate shares the heating time, and prolongs the lifespan of horizontal compared with vertical one.                        

At last, according to the above disadvantages of vertical reactor, it is more inefficient and dangerous than horizontal ones. More exploration by readers or clients will be welcomed, for the final benefits are yours. 


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