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Waste Tire Pyrolysis 9-Ton Energy-Saving Oriented

Service range and technical details: The gray refining product on the picture is designed as Waste Tire Pyrolysis 9-Ton. As the name expresses, it is specialized in transforming scrap tires into several kinds of precious objects under a fixed technical surroundings. It is able to contain about 9 tons of waste tires, and runs about 21 hours generally without a stop in one day with about 4 workers watching.

The valuable outputs: largest amount of tire furnace oil, carbon black, and steel wire. Each of the items is well salable. 
 It is made of over one thousand of precise components, some are large, and others tiny. And the automatic welding technology is among the most advanced ones.  
Certificates: Among the large units, more than three are patented products. What is more, it is qualified with ISO, CE, and BV report, proving her safety and quality guarantees.  

Energy-Saving oriented: At the same time, Waste Tire Pyrolysis 9-Ton is well known with a number of advantages, and only one point is emphasized here. Used water from the three cooling steps can be recycled to the reactor and go back to the cooling system to run as circulating cooling water again, and the inflammable syngas from refining process will be collected for second use such as heating the reactor; therefore a large amount of fuel cost for clients would be reduced, and meanwhile, air and water pollution are avoided.      
Market for outputs: the markets for the above outputs are not hard to search, yet very wide. In the first place, the fuel oil from waste tires can be sold to manufacturers such as aluminum factory, ceramic factory, cement factory, power plant, glass factory, boiler factory and so forth. Second, tire carbon black can be processed to make rubber or other chemical products in a unique formula with good price. And the pulled-out steel wire is also recyclable and salable. 
Note: the methods of discharging carbon black have been improved, thus the related work will be more efficient, for example the new spiral carbon discharging device. 


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