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Waste tyre recycling machine


    The resource of waste tyres are mainly from waste tyres, waste tyre tubes, waste rubber belt, waste rubber hose, and waste rubber overshoes, then from the waste products and leftover bits generated while manufacturing rubber products. It belongs to one large categories of industry solid waste. In order to protect the environment and reduce the waste rubber pollution to environment, realizing the recycling and reusing of waste rubber, especially waste tyres is of great necessity. Carrying out the recycyling and reusing of waste tyres is the effective way of changing waste to treasure, disadvantage to advantage, avoiding the waste rubber pollution to environment; is the method of developing economy to make waste rubber to be recycled and reused; is the base of fulfilling International Environmental Conventions and Agreements and doing environment good foreign affairs.
    Presently, waste tire recycling equipment provided by our domestic competitors usually can produce 20-40 meshe rubber powder under normal temperature. However, low capacity and overusing of energy generate huge cost on production. Developed countries, such as Canada, a dopt liquid nitrogen freezing technique to freeze used tires at temperature of -180°C~160°C, then smash them with hammer-crusher or roller-crusher to make the steel wire and fibers apart from broken rubber blocks quickly. This technique requires too much liquid nitrogen and is too costly.

     Waste Tire Recycling Machine

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