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Highlight the advantages of the project of waste plastic refining equipment


    1, waste plastic oil refining equipment of the project is a new technology, new achievements. The prospects for the development of long-term vitality, with the long-term social, environmental and economic benefits, to the white garbage disposal to solve this problem, in line with current national industrial policy.
    2, the technology is environmental protection projects, the production process of the "three wastes" emissions, exhaust gases mainly light alkanes such as propane, ethane, and content of 6-8%, to adopt technical measures to recycling, can also flare burning out. The slagging Only small amount of carbon black, impurities and sediment. Annual emissions of about 25 tons, no physiological harm to the flora and fauna, in line with the national emission standards.
    3, gasoline, diesel oil production, a necessity of life, the current prices are rising. Expected with the introduction of fuel tax, fuel prices will continue to climb, showing that the introduction of waste plastic refining equipment processed into gasoline, diesel, and prospects will be infinitely bright, seize opportunities, and great rewards.
    Waste plastics atmospheric catalytic cracking can produce diesel (0 # -20 # can production), gasoline (up to 90 #), liquefied petroleum gas, construction roofing agents, interior and exterior paint, paper coating agent, printing adhesive agent, waste plastic refining equipment water-based paint and other chemical products.
    5, adding a small amount of Tesco catalysts, additives. Without selection, cleaning, can be directly into the device, can be transformed into the role of a catalyst and clear. Translucent gasoline and diesel products for boilers, vehicles and other uses, in line with standard auto-fuel.
    6, because of its low production costs, less investment, small footprint, the catalytic reaction science, easy operation, low-power, high-efficiency oil higher merit increasingly welcomed by users.
    7, preferential tax policies for the recycling of waste materials. First, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation [2001] 78 document notice: the taxpayer engaged in the recycling of waste materials operations, the implementation of the value-added tax preferential policies. Second, corporate use of wastewater, waste gas, waste and other waste as the main raw material for the production, reduction or exemption of income tax in five years. Waste plastic refining equipment for the production and processing of raw materials, the three residues and sub-small fuelwood value-added tax preferential policies.
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