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Reverse engineering of waste plastics making diesel


    The technology uses advanced equipment, saving time and labor, the entire process is subject to 32 hours over 30 processes: non-degradable waste plastic foam lunch boxes, plastic bags, plastic film, without washing sorting automatically push sent hotcracking furnace, and then added to the gasification agent and cleft lift catalyst. The waste plastics thermal cracking and catalytic cracking in the high temperature reactor, and then through a series of facilities for the disposal generated after the mixture of diesel oil and petrol vapor, through the condenser into a liquid, and fractionation, filtration became diesel.
    Renewable diesel, the testing organization, product quality to meet GB III car diesel standards. According to reports, the use of old waste plastics reverse engineering the manufacture liquid, gas, solid-state energy "projects, in addition to refining diesel, also produce all lightweight gas into the regenerator combustion does not produce toxic gases and waste material, the residual solids coarse carbon black, treated renewable coal, no secondary pollution, greatly improving the utilization of traditional plastic recycling, with high economic and social benefits.

     Waste Tire Recycling Machine

     Pyrolysis Plant

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